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Life Changing Event A one-day life-changing event where thousands of local Christians gather live and in person to be inspired, transformed, and equipped to SURGE…

Victory lap for the Reawaken Tour in Branson Missouri

Jill Reynolds from The Connection Show at Press Conference with General Flynn Asking to Have the ReAwaken America Tour in Branson, MO After Jill’s request…

Clay Clark’s Reawaken Tour in Rochester NY is stirring controversy from the left

The Reawaken Tour has been held across the country over the last 16 months, in Tulsa, Tampa, Phoenix, Anaheim, Grand Rapids, San Diego, Colorado Springs,…

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How do you define Patriot?

We’re glad you asked that. We love God, we love our country, we love the constitution and we are committed to preserving freedom and upholding…

Can I use this site if I am not a patriot?

One of the beautiful things about true freedom is that you get to choose who to do business with. If you want to buy from…

What political party are you affiliated with?

I think we can all agree that the political party system has let down the American people. While our founders are decidedly conservative in our…

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