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5 Easy steps to integrate
your Smart Trip tool

Let’s put smart trip technology to work for you

The revolutionary way to book hotels and flights while helping fund your organization! We believe travel should be about more than just getting from one place to another; it should be an opportunity to do something meaningful and help others in need. So join us today on this journey of giving.

Set up in minutes

It’s hotel booking offered when they are deciding their plans. Save time answering the questions “where should I stay?”.


The traveler gets to filter results according to their criteria. We support the traveler so you don’t have to.

Start raising funds

When they arrive, the booked hotel is in close proximity, which makes getting to you much more convenient.

Configure your Smart Trip tool in just minutes. To integrate your Smart tool follow these 5 steps!

Need help? Simply set up a time and we’ll walk you through it.

1. Get editor access

Implementing the Smart Trip tool can be quickly done by any user that has rights of authorship on your website. This might be you, your webmaster, ecommerce administrator or your marketing firm.

2. Placement matters

Determine the best placement on your site to generate royalties and donations from Traveling to Give. There may be multiple instances.

Many times your customers won’t commit to a meeting or to your event until they understand where they will stay overnight. Making it easy for them to book a hotel nearby that meets their needs frees them to purchase tickets or commit to visiting you. So place your Smart Trip tool near those decision points.

3. Details you will need

If you are building the tool for an event, make sure you have the link to your ticketing or registration system and the dates and location of the event to complete the building of your tool.
If not, you’ll need the name of the charity and their logo.

4. Build it

Build your widget at Once you create an account, the simple questionnaire walks you through the steps using the details you have gathered. The toolkit creates a “snippet” of code and will email it to you. If you don’t have the proper credentials to up date your site, send it to the person that can install it.

5. Insert code and test

Open an HTML container and paste in the snippet of code. You will see the tool rendered on your page. The tool will adjust to the size of the container and to mobile devices. Notify us if you have any problems. When you reach 10 bookings a month, you will automatically begin earning royalties as a Level 2 partner.

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