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Always on fundraising

Traveling to Give the smart trip tool that gives back.

Implement • Fundraise • Earn

How it works

Introducing a game changing travel tool that raises funds and drives revenue

Set up the tool

Sign up and customize the look to match your brand.

Place on your website

Copy and paste the embed code into your website.

Fundraise & Earn

Invite your supporters to use the tool for their trip planning.

Every trip booking adds to your bottomline

We take that profit and split it three ways.

In additional revenue for you

For your chosen charity or cause

To Solutionz to cover build costs

Leverage ‘always on’ fundraising

If you fundraise, or travel is a part of your business, our travel tool will earn and raise money.

Free to

to activate

Easy to use


Let’s make #everytripmatter.

How others have revolutionized their fundraising...

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