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🇺🇸 Watch Replay of Donald Trump Rally in Arizona

Replay of DonaldTrumpRally

in Florence,Arizona

Donald J Trump Rally in Arizona

Replay of Donald Trump Rally courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting

Join us to view the Replay of Donald Trump Rally in Arizona.  Click on the image above.

The Donald Trump Rally in Arizona was the first of 2022 and for Trump fans, it did not disappoint.

The rally was packed and the audience was highly engaged.  Right Side Broadcasting was honored to show the crowds and will be bringing all of his rallies to the American people!

In his speech, he recounted the failures of the Biden administration one by one. From the economy to the border to Afghanistan to Covid, there was nothing left untouched.

Donald Trump Rally in Arizona features 2022 Candidates

The replay of the Donald Trump Rally in Arizona features local political candidates, Kari Lake, Paul Gosar and Mark Finchem.

Of course, Trump focused a significant part of his comments on voter fraud and the mainstream media dutifully reported their slant.

“The election was rotten to the core,” Kari Lake told the rally-goers. “We all know it. The media knows it. And the left knows it. And they’re trying to make us just accept it.”

She added, “You don’t steal our vote. When I am governor, we will drag that [election fraud] into the sunlight and we will close every loophole.”

For the people of Arizona – and the country – Kari Lake’s promise to clean up the state elections and protect Arizonan’s rights is music to the ears of conservative voters and Trump supporters.

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