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📅 Defeat the Mandates – VIEW Video of the Event

VIEW THE VIDEO OF THE Defeat the Mandates Event


JANUARY 23rd, 2022.  Starts at the Washington Monument

Please arrive at the Washington Monument by 10:30am for the Defeat the Mandates Event.  Remember our mantra of peace and doing this united as one.

We start marching together to the Lincoln Memorial (approximately 1 mile) at 11:30am. At 12:30pm a wide range of featured guests will be waiting. Recording artists, prominent doctors, journalists, pro athletes, actors and premier thought leaders will give a series of inspiring talks and musical performances.

War Memorials – Moments of Silence & Prayer
Participants are encouraged to pause near the War Memorials along the route to remember those who have sacrificed lives and loved ones so that America might be free. The memorials along the route are the World War II Memorial, D.C. War Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

At noon, along the march route from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, brief remarks by the Task Force co-chairs will be followed by prayer led by Save the Persecuted Christians.

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Defeat the Mandates event route

It is our time to step peacefully into history.  We are gathering together in peace and solidarity for the preservation of personal sovereignty and to STOP medical coercion, discrimination and mandates.

We encourage everyone to be virtuous and peaceful and to de-escalate conflict. Below are a few procedures to follow during the peaceful march to keep you safe.

The event is sponsored by Operation Freedom of Choice, American Frontline Nurses, Airline Employees for Health Freedom, Feds for Medical Freedom & JP Sears organization.

Speakers include Jp Sears,,Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,­­­­,Dr. Robert Malone,,Dr. Peter Mccullough,,Del Bigtree,,Kevin Jenkins,,Dr. Christina Parks,,Tricia Lindsey,,Dr. Paul Alexander,,Rizza Islam,,Rabbi Zev Epstein,,Dr. Pierre Kory,,Dr. Paul Marik,,Dr. Tess Lawrie,,Trammel Thompson,,Dr. Ryan Cole,,Dr.Jessica Rose,,Kwame Brown,,Angela Stanton King,,Max Blumenthal,,Jo Rose,,Will Witt,,Steve Kirsch,,Dr. Angelina Farella,,Hawk Newsome,,Rev. Aaron Lewis,,Dr. Aaron Kheriaty,,Dr. Richard Urso,,Trahern Crews,Chris Martenson,,Lara Logan,,Maureen Mcdonnell,,Ernest Ramirez,,Stephanie De Garay,,Kyle Warner,,Jayla Taveras,,Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy,,Joseph Arthur,,Matt Brevner,,Five Times August

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Jan 23 2022


11:30 am




Washington Monument
Washington DC
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