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Home Events ReAwaken America Tour with Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn at Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach SC

ReAwaken America Tour with Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn at Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach SC

May 13th and 14th at Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC with Clay Clark and General Flynn and many others.

To get tickets or for questions about the ReAwaken America Tour, text. Carter Bledsoe – (918) 346-9911


Every trip benefits charity

Plan your trip to the event by selecting I’m Staying, I’m Driving or I’m Flying  – for details and to register, click on CONCIERGE tab.  Find the best hotels near the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach.


Clay Clark is hosting the ReAwaken America Tour at the Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach SC. It features a host of speakers about freedom, faith, family, health and conservative family values.  Each of the talks are generally 15-20 minutes.  The speakers will include a wide range of conservative voices.
Here are the ones that spoke in Phoenix, many of which will speak in San Diego and Canton.

Aiya Kelley, Amanda Grace,  Andy Wakefield,  Bianca Garcia ,  Bo Polny ,  Brendan Witt ,  Bruce Goodmansen ,  Bryan Ardis ,  Chad Prather ,  Charlie Kirk ,  Clay Clark ,  Cordie Williams ,  David Rodriguez ,  Dr. Fleming ,  Dr. Jane Ruby ,  Dr. Jim Meehan ,  Dr. Mark Sherwood ,  Dr. Ra Ashid Buttar ,  Dr. Stella Immanuel ,  Dream Church ,  Emily Peterson ,  Eric Trump ,  Floyd Brown ,  Flyover Conservatives ,  Gene Ho ,  General Michael Flynn ,  Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy ,  Ian Smith ,  Jenna Ellis ,  Joel Oltman ,  Joey Gebert ,  John Chambers ,  Judy Mikovits ,  Karen Kingston ,  Kelli Ward ,  Kimberly Reicks ,  Leigh Dundas ,  Lori Gregory ,  Pastor Dave Scarlett ,  Pastor Greg Locke ,  Pastor Leon Benjamin ,  Pastor Mark Burns ,  Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller ,  Patrick Byrne ,  Peggy Hall ,  Professor Toto ,  Richard Bartlett MD ,  Roger Stone ,  Scott Kesterson ,  Scott McKay ,  Sean Feucht ,  Seth Holehouse ,  Seth Keshel ,  Steve Shultz ,  Steve Strang ,  Todd Coconato ,  Vanessa Clark ,  Vidar Ligard ,  Wendy Rogers

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faith, family and freedom


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May 13 - 14 2022


There will be several, optional, additional meeting days that attendees will be eligible to attend
10:00 am - 5:00 pm



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