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How Can I Help?

My Patriot Marketplace is the leader in connecting patriot-owned businesses with American consumers through a platform with easy-to-use tools.  We would love to have you be a part of things.  

How can you help?

To build a new marketplace takes resources.  That includes the time contribution of our “all volunteer” band and it includes your donations.  We are constantly seeking out new stores, voices, resources, services and new capabilities to add to our marketplace.  Your gifts help us grow.

Any purveyor of American Made products can apply to be a MPM Partner.  We provide a simple product listing free and have several other options to upgrade your reach and your presence.  If you know of other suppliers that we should carry in our SHOP, join our Community and let us know your suggestions.

There is power in doing life with like minded people.  Our LIVE FREE community allows you to give us ideas about new content and new partners, and more importantly, it lets you talk to one another.  Join us and let us know how we can make MyPatriotMarketplace better.