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❤️ Platinum Partner Portfolio – Greg Harvey

Who is Greg Harvey?

Rebel? Yes. Outspoken? Absolutely. Opinionated? No question.

But a lifetime of experiences from the highest of highs and lowest of lows makes Greg Harvey an experience in, love, acceptance, humility and unflinching honesty about himself, his country and how he thinks they both need to change.

While Greg is accepting of all people, no matter their background or religious/political affiliation, he rejects the status quo, identity politics and group-think so prevalent and destructive in both.

Greg Harvey holds a wide variety of surprising positions on everything from addiction to American values and shares them with a gritty honesty that everyone can relate to.

You will want to follow Greg Harvey.  And if you need some help on the design front, there is no one better.

When censorship overtook mainstream media, we all sought alternatives.  But keeping track of finding your favorite conservative voices isn’t easy, as censorship creates a moving target for them and for you.  Until now.  We have curated this list and with your help, we’ll keep it current and add new voices as we learn about them.  And you can even have this tool for your site!  Set up time to talk about partnership opportunities.