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Clay Clark’s Reawaken Tour in Rochester NY is stirring controversy from the left

The Reawaken Tour has been held across the country over the last 16 months, in Tulsa, Tampa, Phoenix, Anaheim, Grand Rapids, San Diego, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Dallas, Canton OH, Salem OR, Myrtle Beach and most recently Virginia Beach.  Attendance has been in the thousands at each event, with tens of thousands watching the video recordings of the event.

Many of these cities are in states that are well known as liberal bastions.

The next one of Clark’s events is scheduled for the Main Street Armory in Rochester New York and it is facing extreme pushback from the city and the county, with complaints ranging from the event passing on “misinformation” and reinforcing hate and bigotry.   Indie pop rock band Japanese Breakfast went so far as to cancel a concert scheduled there in September.  Others are threatening a picket line of the event.

What the news media don’t tell you is what people have really experienced at the other events.  Hint, it is not hate and bigotry.

An attendee of the Phoenix events said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It starts with worship and singing, which brings in the Holy Spirit. Add to that the positive friendly energy of several thousand people who love America and it creates such an amazing experience! Myself and my friends could hardly leave our seats to eat and use the restroom lol.  Every speaker brought detailed insightful information of what is happening in the world and especially our own country. What a variety of information from Doctors to Scientists, Pastors to Politicians and everyone in between!”
A person that attended the Dallas event said, “We came to the Reawaken America tour in Dallas. It has been a wonderful experience! Clay has organized such a great event including so many speakers who deliver timely and needed words. We are leaving inspired and encouraged. We hope to see many more events like this in the future.”

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When asked about the Main Street Armory location selection in Rochester, Clay Clark responded this way:

“We’ve had at multiple of our events, a majority of the pastors who happen to be black and brown — I’m not really qualified to comment on skin color…unless I was referring to pale males because I happen to be a very pale male, but I would just say we have a very diverse lineup of speakers that all chose to expose the truth about the Great Reset agenda and how people react to it, I can’t control.”

Another event attendee said, “Clay Clark is an incredible MC and host.  He is upbeat, funny and energetic! He had us laughing and crying. By the end of the second day I was thoroughly exhausted, but full of inspiration and motivated to help wake people up. Before the event I wasn’t quite sure how to explain things to my friends, but now I feel well informed and capable. I can’t thank you enough Clay! God bless you and everyone that is making this happen! I highly recommend this life changing Reawaken America event for everyone!!!

The event focuses on talking about the issues of faith, family and freedom and in particular freedom of speech and upholding the US Constitution.  Censorship has been a major issue plaguing the conservative community.  It is one of the main things that MyPatriotMarketplace addresses for its members.

Speakers at the event include Dr. Mark Sherwood, Attorney Leigh Dundas, Richard Bartlett, MD, Scott McKay, Pastor Dave Scarlett, Pastor Mark Burns, Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller, John Chambers, Carrie Madej MD, Pastor Leon Benjamin, Ann Vandersteel, Pastor Greg Locke, Scott Kesterson, Ian Smith, Clay Clark, Dr. Jim Meehan, Floyd Brown, Dr. Simone Gold, Gene Ho, General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Joey Gilbert, Amanda Grace, Lori Gregory, Andy Wakefield, David Rodriguez, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, Brian Ardis, Judy Mikovits, Steve Strang, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Seth Holehouse, The Burns Family, Flyover Conservatives, Bianca Garcia, Todd Coconato, Chad Prather, Vanessa Clark, Dr. Fleming, Brendan Witt, Seth Kershel, Roger Stone, Karen Kingston, Aiya Kelly, Wendy Rogers, Kevin Jenkins, Bo Polny.