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Complete Footage of Donald Trump’s Rally in Waco, Texas on March 25th

Donald J Trump Rally for 2024 Presidential campaign

Trump Make America Great Again 2024

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, held his “Make America Great Again Rally” in Waco, Texas, at the start of his 2024 presidential campaign. The schedule was well-planned, with parking opening at 8:00 am and gates at 12:00 pm. Law enforcement was present for the safety of Donald Trump’s rally, and the Trump campaign paid $60,714 for city services.

Pre-speech activities began at 2:00 pm, where supporters engaged in various activities and enjoyed food and drinks. Trump’s speech began at 5:00 pm, where he addressed various issues, including his plans for strengthening the economy, creating jobs, and improving national security.

During his speech, Trump expressed confidence in the future of the country and highlighted his accomplishments during his presidency. He criticized his political opponents, including the current administration, and the media, which has become a hallmark of his rallies. He also spoke about the need for election integrity and the border crisis.

The crowd responded with cheers and applause, showing their enthusiasm for the former president. People saw Trump’s supporters wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats and waving American flags. Some held up signs supporting him and his message.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding his potential indictment, Trump appeared energized and determined to continue his campaign for the presidency. Donald Trump’s rally demonstrated his continued popularity and influence in American politics. We still don’t know what impact his speech and campaign will have on the political landscape in the coming months, but it is clear that his supporters remain passionate about his message of putting America first.

Here is the full video of Trump’s speech on Saturday, March 25, 2023, via Rumble:

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