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JOIN the Take Our Border Back Southern Border Convoy & 3-state Rally

Take our Border Back Convoy

JOIN YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS & FELLOW AMERICANS From the EAST & the WEST Coasts for a multi-day convoy ending with 3 RALLIES in 3 STATES on FEBRUARY 3, 2024!      

This group is gaining momentum and has even formed a GoFundMe page that at the time of this writing had collected over $114k to support their efforts.  Donations can be made to the campaign by clicking HERE.

A group of patriots are calling all active & retired law enforcement and military, Veterans, Mama Bears, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, media and LAW ABIDING, freedom-loving Americans.   This is in response to our government’s decided lack of responsiveness to the call to protect our southern border.  Accordingly, they are asking also for prayer and support.

You may well have heard about this already.  Dr. Pete was on Tucker Carlson a few days ago talking about the problems at the border.

Dr. Pete Chambers, known as Doc, is a combat decorated and disabled veteran and awarded the Purple Heart, for wounds received in combat.  My company, Solutionz, is grateful for the opportunity to support his efforts with our TravelingToGive tool.

“One Nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.”

The time is now for WE THE PEOPLE to PEACEFULLY assemble in honor of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Make your Voices heard America!! Roll with other like minded patriots!! Join your fellow patriots on this important journey to freedom.

Click Here to View Detailed Convoy Calendar

Click Here to Download Convoy Conduct Exceptions for Safety


From Virginia Beach, VA to Eagle Pass, TX

From Eagle Pass, TX to Yuma, AZ

From San Ysidro CA to Yuma, AZ


Book your lodging (hotel, motel, private homes, condos, villas) using TravelingToGive and travel your values.

Also plan your route using our driving directions.  Optionally rent a vehicle and/or purchase an air ticket.