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More than 1000 stores with Made in America goods!

We have curated over 1000 stores in more than 70 categories

Since launching MyPatriotMarketplace Red White & Blue mall in October, our content team has been hard at work to reach 1000 stores and we are pleased to announce that we are there!

If we were a physical mall, we would be included in the Top 10 malls in the world and as an online mall of Made in America goods (and services), we are now the largest in the country, with over 70 different categories of stores.

So whether you are shopping for things for your home, health and beauty items, fun and leisure, food and drink items , things for your pets or farm animals or looking for special gift or even wanting to travel or attend an event, bookmark MyPatriotMarketplace for all of your shopping needs.

Made in America has never been as important as it is now.

Recent events have shown that America’s supply chain is weak, largely due to offshoring of manufacturing.  MyPatriotMarketplace’s content team carefully curates all of our stores to ensure that the majority of their products are manufactured right here in the US.  If you would like to learn more about our curation process for our partners, click HERE.

The Patriotic Spender Pledge

We are partnering with to get patriotic Americans to rethink the origin of the products that you buy.  We encourage you to click on their logo below to take their pledge and learn more about the importance of supporting American manufacturing:

“I pledge to buy American-made first, whenever possible. I will always check the country of origin on all products that I buy.”

If you would like to add your store to SHOP Red White & Blue, please visit our Partner Portal.  If you have ideas for MyPatriotMarketplace or you would like to feature our content on your website or blog, just join our LIVE FREE Community and you can talk to our team live.