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Need a last minute gift for colleagues, friends or family? How about Cheese?

This is about the time that you sit back and look at all the gifts under the tree and you are all set to sit back and relax and then it hits.  You forgot…… [fill in the blank].

In the past, my go to may have been something sweet or very chocolaty.

But in the past year I lost over 40 pounds and my tastes have totally shifted to savory!  And cheese is a great thing to have around when guests show up.

Since we focus on Made in the USA goods on MyPatriotMarketplace, it is only natural that we would add cheese to the mix!

Today we added 20 new companies (pushing us very close to that 1000 store mark!).  Please check them out.  Many are still shipping for arrival by Christmas.

Cheeses and Savory Gifts