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Trump’s Speech in New Hampshire and Rally in South Carolina (Jan. 28). Watch Full Video

Trump's Speech In New Hampshire and Rally in Columbia South Carolina

Former President Donald Trump launched his 2024 presidential campaign with great enthusiasm, making two public appearances on Saturday. He started the day by addressing the state Republican Party in New Hampshire, where he delivered a speech that was filled with familiar themes, such as immigration and the economy, and lashed out at his perceived enemies. Trump’s speech was highly controversial, with many people criticizing his remarks, while others praised the President’s message. Despite the mixed reactions, Trump’s speech continued to dominate headlines and spark heated debates across the country.

Following that, Trump headed to South Carolina to attend a campaign kickoff at the State House in Columbia. During his speech, he touched on issues such as foreign policy, gun rights, and law and order. The event was well-attended by his supporters, who cheered and chanted as he spoke.

For those who were unable to attend or missed out on the live stream, the complete videos of both events are available online. The speeches offer insight into Trump’s potential 2024 campaign strategy and provide a glimpse into the messaging and themes that he will likely focus on.

New Hampshire and South Carolina are pivotal in launching Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential aspirations. Despite winning both primaries in 2016, his chances may not be as favorable this time. As he kicks off his campaign, Trump is set to visit the early states, where he is expected to receive a chilly reception from some top Republicans.

On Saturday, Trump will speak at the New Hampshire GOP’s annual meeting, followed by a rally in South Carolina. Gov. Henry McMaster will join him onstage, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham and other state Republicans. Notably, Sen. Tim Scott and former Gov. Nikki Haley are also considering presidential bids and could pose a challenge for Trump in South Carolina. Check out the details and full videos of both events below.

On Saturday, January 28, 2023, former President Donald Trump addressed the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Republican Party at Salem High School in Salem, NH. This speech was a keynote address, which he delivered before heading south for his 2024 leadership unveiling.

If you want to watch the entire event, the full video is embedded below for your convenience.

On Saturday, January 28, 2023, former President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Columbia, South Carolina at The State House. During the event, Trump will introduce his campaign leadership team for the 2024 election. Senator Lindsey Graham, among other guests, is expected to join him on stage.

The full video of the rally can be watched below.

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